Testimonial from IISTL

Alicia Maners of the International Institute of St. Louis:

"The International Institute greatly appreciates the impact that StemUp has had on the After-school Program. This program provides a safe space for refugee and immigrant high school students to receive snacks, homework help, and support from mentors. The program also facilitates a positive environment for these new Americans to make lasting friendships. StemUp has played a significant role in the program’s ability to meet these goals. A significant portion of our volunteers are specialized in tutoring students in ESOL. However, there is a great need for volunteers in the STEM sector. That’s where StemUp comes in. With their extensive knowledge about mathematics, science, and English studies, StemUp members have a unique skill set to meet the needs of the Institute’s diverse student population. Additionally, the StemUp members are skilled in explaining the logic behind the homework problems, and time and time again, they have shown students that math can be fun! Now, many students want to practice math problems even when they don’t have homework. One student in particular, began the program with a low English proficiency and low self-confidence in math. StemUp members worked patiently and diligently with the student for several weeks. Over time, the concepts began to click, and last Wednesday, this student was able to teach other students how to do their math homework! Additionally, StemUp members always have a positive and supportive attitude when working with the students. Administrators and staff at the International Institute hope that the StemUp organization will continue to support this program and these incredible students."

Testimonial from La Salle

Muriel Smith and Jennifer Halliday of La Salle:

"StemUp has been assisting with Saturday School tutoring at La Salle Charter Middle School going on the second year. The tutors came select Saturdays during the Spring semester 2019 through Summer School 2019 and select Saturdays during the Fall 2019 semester. They assist students with math and science homework as well. StemUp tutors offer another voice and alternative concrete problem-solving methods to our students; they give immediate feedback, questioning student processes and thinking while students are doing the problems, redirecting student thinking in real-time. The tutors are patient, kind, and encouraging; they engage with the students personally, finding ways to motivate and energize each student. Student improvement is documented by standardized test growth and improved classroom performance & grades. The young tutors are positive and dependable. They are an essential part of helping to move our students forward!"

Some of Our Tutors

Arjun Ramakrishnan '20


Arjun is the founder and CEO of StemUpSTL, leading the tutors to help create change. In addition to tutoring, he allocates tutors, creates and manages partnerships, and provides daily transportation for tutors who need it. 

Benjamin Hollander-Bodie '20


Benjamin's intellect and personability enable him to teach concepts to students in creative ways. He tries not only to help kids understand the mechanics behind a problem but to gain conceptual depth. Benjamin hopes to study something math-related in college.

Chase Nwamu '20


Chase is an incredibly committed member of StemUpSTL. His consistent attendance and unwavering positive attitude in helping the students has made him a real asset to the StemUp team! He will be studying Computer Science at Stanford University.

Stanley Ding '20


Stanley is one of our oldest and most experienced tutors at StemUp, volunteering since its inception in 2018. He knows how to relate with almost any student, creating productive sessions for growth. Stanley hopes to study along the Pre-Med track in college.

Rohan Kumaran '21


A relatively new member to the group, Rohan has been a wonderful addition. He brings a different flare, which, when coupled with his STEM experience, makes him a solid addition to the team. Rohan, a current junior, hopes to continue his education along the Pre-Med track.

Jack Petersen '20


Jack has volunteered his time with each of our partnerships, which has allowed him to create strong academic relationships with students. He will be studying along the Pre-Med track at Santa Clara.

Akash Rajan '21


Akash channels the same intensity he has in his classes at school into tutoring with StemUp. He creates bonds with the students, maintaining a very casual learning environment. Akash, a current junior, hopes to continue his education in college along the Pre-Law track.