About Us

How StemUp Was Founded

Clearly, there is a demand for free, peer-to-peer tutoring of middle and high school students in STEM disciplines. Research indicates a direct correlation between early academic success and positive career and life choices. However, there is a gap in a concerted effort to pair motivated, gifted high school students with other kids who can benefit from this type of mentoring. 

Sensing the gap, Arjun Ramakrishnan, a rising Junior High School student in Saint Louis decided to take action to make a difference in the "Gateway to the West". StemUpStl, a  501(3)c St. Louis non-profit was born in Summer 2018 and continues to serve multiple middle and high school students. StemUpStl identifies and motivates a number of motivated and academically gifted high schoolers to commit to provide free, in-person, one-on-one tutoring to middle and high school students in need. Recognizing that most mentees are unable to travel to a location for mentoring, StemUpStl encourages the mentors to travel to downtown to certain organizations or schools to tutor kids in STEM subjects.

Our Partnerships

International Institute


During the school year, StemUp tutors work with students of the Nahed Chapman New American Academy as part of the after school program at the International Institute. Here, tutors work to improve these students' grades on homework, quizzes, and projects through  personal peer-to-peer tutoring. Of the 30 students receiving tutoring, all improved grades from D's and F's to A's and B's due to the kids' hard work and assistance from the StemUp team. StemUp will continue this effort in during the 2019-20 school year. 

La Salle Middle School


During the school year, StemUp tutors work with students at La Salle on a Saturday school program. Here, students can choose to come to school on Saturdays and receive help in math and science from StemUp tutors. Because of the success of this program over the past year, we will be continuing this program in the 2019-20 school year. Additionally, StemUp tutors were utilized in a summer school program as aides to help reinforce and iterate concepts taught during the day. 

SLPL - Carpenter Branch


StemUp and Carpenter Library agreed on a partnership allowing StemUp tutors to utilize the vast, beautiful space to hold tutoring sessions over the summer.