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We provide high quality mentoring to middle and high school students who need help in their STEM education in a small group setting. We are committed to elevating their academic achievements, study habits, and sharpen their tools for success in both STEM studies and academic achievement. We inspire gifted kids to become personal mentors of the students in need of assistance in their STEM education.


Highly Qualified Student Educators

We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher who knows the subject and can relate to the students.  Most of our educators have achieved an advanced honors in Mathematics and Science. Our instructors are passionate about STEM subjects and have completed High School and College level courses with  honors. They bring their love for Math and Science to the students who could benefit the most in a clean, relatable way.


Comprehensive STEM program

Our program encompasses a wide variety of STEM principles, based around the same Common Core Principles instructed at Saint Louis Public Schools. The middle and high school courses in SLPS generally consist of Algebra, Pre-Algebra, and introductory Geometry. As for science, our tutors are equipped to teach both the Common Core science principles as well as deeper studies in biology, physics, and chemistry. Additionally, tutors are more than happy to help students with work and specific assignments they may have from school to help them excel in the class.

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